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History of Northcliff Primary School

Northcliff Primary School opened on 23 February 1942. The school started with only seven learners and one teacher. Mrs E. Morris was the only teacher as well as the acting principal. By April 1942 there were 32 learners. Mrs C.M.J. Trott was appointed as a teacher to help Mrs Morris.

At that time the school consisted of a small building with an office, a small staffroom and three classrooms. The third classroom was also used as a hall. The staffroom was used at night by the Civic Guard who did police duty in the area.

Mr Fred Cohen was responsible for having our school built. Mr and Mrs Stakes by-Lewis were the architects that drew up the plans for the school. Since 1942 more buildings were built to accommodate more children.

Mrs Morris introduced the first uniform for the school. The colours were burgundy (maroon) and turquoise. A school badge was also designed. On the badge was a lit torch. At the bottom of the
torch, we find the motto: AEMULMINI MELIORA, which means “We strive for better things”. We still have the same school colours and badge.

On 7 August 1942 Northcliff Primary School was officially opened by the Director of Education. It was named after the suburb, Northcliff, in which it was built.

When the school re-opened in January 1943 there were 46 learners in the school.

Parents in the Northcliff area were reluctant to send their children to this new school. They preferred to send their children to schools that existed like Greenside and Parkview.

In October 1943 the first School Committee was elected. There was a good relationship between the parents and the school. The new members took their responsibilities seriously and they immediately started providing the school with playgrounds, sport fields and gardens.

Mr E.A. Heller was responsible for the laying out and maintenance of the gardens and sport fields. Mr Heller worked hard at this for 9 years.

The first principal of our school was Mr B.P. Ryan. He was appointed in 1945. In 1973 Mr Wilson was appointed as the second principal.Mr Tisdall became the new principal in 1979. In 1994 Mrs Botha became the principal and in 2010 Mrs Kerr became our principal.